Ketamine assisted psychotherapy

Ketamine has been safely and widely used as an approved anaesthetic. Recently ketamine has become increasingly popular in medicine for its fast-acting anti-depressant effects.

Ketamine produces dissociative and hallucinogenic effects which makes it the only legal proto-psychedelic medicine currently available. While traditional therapies tried to diminish or even abolish these “side effects,” recent studies show that the quality of the subjective experience is an essential part of the individual healing process.

OVID’s partner clinic administers ketamine in a personalized treatment-scheme that involves various doses and educative elements that help the patient to increase the usefulness of the therapeutic experience with this substance.

OVID’s partner clinic conducts treatments with ketamine embedded in a professional psychotherapeutic framework, thereby combining the plain neurobiological effects with the mind-altering properties of the medicine. Clinical data indicates that this innovative approach with ketamine is especially beneficial for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or OCD. Additionally, the clinic specializes in pain-syndromes in combination with depression.

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We provide

Evidence-based treatment protocols for ketamine assisted psychotherapy


Personalized treatment plans to fit your needs and goals


Integration therapy to make the best use of your experiences and drive long-lasting change

We are treating patients, not malfunctioning brains. That means supporting people in restoring their neurochemistry for creating the awareness necessary for the next steps in their life. Our therapeutic approach is about meaning, acceptance, and transformation.

Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle

Medical Director at OVID