Our Training programs

With the expected widespread need of psychedelic-assisted therapies to fight the worldwide mental health epidemic, there will be a strong demand for practitioners with a professional skillset. OVID’s unique training program provides interested psychiatrists, therapists, and other health professionals with the necessary tools and experience to safely and successfully apply these innovative therapies.

Students in this program will be able to gain first-hand practical experience in OVID’s own clinical operations. Furthermore, they will benefit from OVID’s extensive academic network, enabling them to further broaden their expertise.

We provide

A comprehensive and cutting-edge academic curriculum for Psychedelic Therapist Training, starting in 2021


Clinical training for psychiatrists and other medical professionals, psychotherapists, and supporting professions in our own treatment facility


Further education for mental health professionals

Starting in 2021, we will train physicians and psychotherapists in psychedelic-assisted and integration therapies. Our training partners come from Johns Hopkins University, University of Zürich, the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, and the MIND Foundation. Neuroscientific, behavioral, and in-depth psychology perspectives guide this training.

Dr. med. Sergio Pérez Rosal

Director of the MIND Academy