Personal development

People often start to think about their mental health and to seek help only when their life is already negatively affected. While effective treatment is vital for those who suffer, it is equally important to focus on one’s well-being even before getting sick. By providing different perspectives and alternative experiences, altered states of consciousness can be useful tools of prevention against mental health issues. They can also contribute to “flourishing” – a life “within an optimal range of human functioning.”

Besides psychedelics, there are many other ways to induce supportive altered states of consciousness (ASC). OVID offers a carefully selected variety of the most impactful methods, such as evocative breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and neuro biofeedback-induced ASC. These sessions are primarily aimed at healthy individuals but can also supplement a patient treatment plan.

We provide

Facilitated methods to experience altered states of consciousness (ASC) in the framework of an individualized, long-term personal development plan


Access to communities of people focused on personal development strategies involving ASCs


Integration-oriented self-experience programs, counselling and therapy using the latest evidence-based insights

It is part of human nature to feel the need to understand, intensify, or transform one’s life. We offer mindfulness, breathwork, and neurofeedback tools to explore the human mind. Our team facilitates personal growth and professional change and we are working on making psychedelic compounds available for self-exploration in a safe, evidence-based, and legal environment.

Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle

Executive Director of the MIND Foundation and Co-Founder of OVID